Live Chat on Your Site

real time person to person chat for your website.

Transform your site into a community with Chatigy! Chatigy is a high-powered chat engine that allows your site visitors to chat with each other in real time.

Your site visitors will be able to:

  • Ask questions
  • Start discussions
  • Make friends
  • See who's online
  • Get information from the community

As the site owner, you will be able to:

  • Get a sense of what people are saying about your site
  • Engage your visitors directly in real time
  • Have full control to delete unwanted messages and conversations
  • Customize Chatigy's colors to match your theme

Welcome to Chatigy™

The Chatigy API allows for peer to peer instant chat. Our flagship product allows website person to person live chat available on any website. This turns your site into a community of people who can engage each other in real time, giving the site owner visibility into what people are saying about their site, and giving visitors an enhanced engagement with the site that keeps them coming back.

The Chatigy API is also driving business sites that require person to person chat. Any site that connects buyers to sellers or requires staff to communicate with each other in real time is a great candidate for Chatigy. Keeping all communications within your site gives you added security and also tracks all communications. Leveraging these data makes your business more efficient and gives you insight and oversight into what's happening with your business - in real time. For more information about embedding person to person live chat into your business application, contact us today.

Chatigy Features

fully customizable

Choose from our premade templates or implement your own, you can change the colors and the branding to match your needs.

building community

Chatigy creates a community within your site by connecting visitors to each other.

integrates in a flash

Chatigy is available on Shopify and BigCommerce, and can be added to any site with a simple JavaScript header. Installs in minutes.

Easy Access

Chatigy integrates with Facebook and Google so that users can log in with a single click. No complicated registration forms that create barriers to use.

full API access

Leverage the Chatigy API to add real time chat into your business application. Chatigy can be easily and seamlessly added to your application.


Chatigy offers full mobile platforms on both IOS and Android.

machine learning powered

Implement a chat bot into your site with Chatigy's machine learning integration.

security and privacy

Public chat communication is encrypted, and private chats are 100% encrypted down to the database level.



We help you integrate Chatigy into your site and workflow


We can help you customize Chatigy for your site and your brand

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